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Smart Cars

Economical: With quoted fuel consumption figures of up to 60 mpg, Smarts go further than most cars on a gallon of fuel, making them very cost effective. The majority of Smarts are zero road tax rated, and maintenance costs are as little as a few hundred pounds a year. Shop around and insurance can be very good value too.
Environmentally Friendly: The smart fortwo car uses innovative energy-efficient and recyclable materials in its construction. In fact, 95% of the vehicle is recyclable and the dash material is made from recycled synthetics.  Easy to park and drive. At less than 9 feet long it’s really easy to park, especially in tight spots or where other cars wouldn't fit. It's also got a great turning circle that makes it very manoeuvrable. As one of the smallest automatics on the road it’s a breeze to drive too. With a top speed in excess of 80 mph, a Smart is at home nipping down the motorway or tootling around town. And you sit nice and high, so you feel confident on the road.

Safety: What makes the Smart car so unique is the Mercedes Benz attention to safety. From the innovative tridion cell, a sort of safety cage, to its 4 airbags and advanced braking system, the Smart car is built for safety. Crash tests have consistently proved Mercedes' safety claims; just look on YouTube.
Roomy: Because the Smart has been designed as a 2 seater, there’s an ocean of room inside. I have customers who are over 6ft 6in who swear that a Smart is the only car they can get comfy in. The boot is great, and with a removable parcel shelf and a collapsible passenger seat there is very little that won’t fit inside a Smart. Apart from an elephant maybe!
Oh and one last thing. They are great fun!

Next year will be the 20th anniversary of Andrew Shipp dealing with Smart Cars, and over that time I have helped nearly 3000 people buy Smarts, and gained a reputation for being fair, trustworthy and honest with my customers. We have many of our customers returning for a second or third time to upgrade their Smarts, such is the trust they put in Andrew Shipp Autos.

Our cars are carefully chosen, many direct from the owners, and they are all put through an RAC check before we put them up for sale. You are most welcome to view the inspection report and discuss it with Andrew while you are making your decision.
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